International Court Application for the European Payment Order


What is ICANEPO about?


ICANEPO – International Court ApplicatioN for European Payment Order – is an EU-funded project to develop an application for the management of court cases of the European Payment Order by judicial authorities. The application takes into account the requirements established by the EPO Regulation and will offer interfaces to extend the application with national modules, such as a national language interface, court fees, etc. The application will further allow for the cross-border electronic communication via e-CODEX ( as foreseen by the Judicial Digitalisation Regulation.

The project partners of Austria, Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands join forces within the 24 months of the project to create the application and to make it re-usable for further interested parties.


The “Regulation for the digitalisation of judicial cooperation” introduces a mandatory electronic communication via e-CODEX ( between authorities and an obligation for authorities to receive electronic messages from citizens. Several European Member States are lacking the technical prerequisites for this obligation or need to renew their existing applications.

The objective of the project is therefore the creation of an international core application, which is based only on the requirements of the EPO Regulation but with interfaces to connect national extensions to it so that the application together with its national intentions can be used as a full case management system of the European Payment Order. The application will also support the e-CODEX communication for the European Payment Order. The project will offer the application to all Member States.

Target Goup

The target group are national judicial authorities competent for the European Payment Order. Citizens are already served by the EPO online forms at the e-Justice Portal and the future European Electronic Access Point.

Project Structure

Work Package 1 – Project Management & Coordination

The success of a project starts with efficient project management. This includes comminucation and coordination with internal and external project stakeholders.

Work Package 2 – Requirements Engineering & Implementation

This work package will first investigate in the requirements for the application from a European perspective but also national requirements. It will then develop an architecture for the application and subsequently implement and test the application.

Work Package 3 – Support & Training

This work package will support the technical development by establishing a distribution channel for the application and providing testing services. It will further draft a training concept and material for trainers and users.

Work Package 4 – Promotion & Sustainability

In order to motivate Member States to use the application, this work package will develop and execute promotion activities for a wide acceptance of the application. It will also develop provisions for the maintenance of the application after the project end and provide a licensing model for future users of the application.

Deliverables & Milestones


D1.1Kick-Off Meeting05/2023
D1.2 Closing Meeting03/2025
D1.3Mid-Term Progress Report04/2024
D2.1Report on the gathering and analysis of requirements11/2023
D2.3Software package of the international core02/2025
D3.1Training material01/2025
D3.2Testing Reports03/2025
D4.1Promotion plan10/2023
D4.2Maintenance agreement01/2025
D4.3License agreement03/2025


MS1Project Start04/2023
MS2Project End03/2025
MS3Initial set of requirements is available10/2023
MS4Initial architecture is available03/2024
MS5Initial release of international core is available01/2025
MS6Distribution channel available01/2025
MS7Conformance tests with e-Justice finished03/2025
MS8Agreement for technical maintenance after project end reached07/2024
MS9Decision on licence model reached07/2024